Our alert service monitors your properties and automatically alerts you via email or text of any new violations or updates on open violations in any of the NYC Dept of Building’s agencies. You can also login to your account to see updates.ECB and ERP charges.


We’re constantly monitoring the NYC violation web databases, including the Department of Buildings, DOB, ECB, FDNY, DEP, DOT, and DSNY websites and alert the client via e-mail or text message regarding any new complaint and violation that is posted to the their database. The original Notice of Violation will be e-mailed to client when available.
Monitor the NYC HPD website and alert the client via e-mail regarding any new complaint and violation that is uploaded to the HPD web database and after a violation has been successfully removed from the NYC HPD web database. Any document will be e-mail to the client as a .pdf attachment.
We will Hand deliver any certification documentation directly to the HPD office, provided that said documents are received in our office three business days prior to the certification date.

We’ll monitor the NYC Department of Buildings website and alert the client via e-mail 60 days, 30days and 1 day(s) prior to the expiration of any open permits.
Notify the client via an e-mail or a text message reminder prior to the Certification Date and prior to the Hearing Date if the violations are still open on NYC HPD records.
We’ll notify the Client via an e-mail or text message reminder regarding any open Boiler, Elevator and Façade Inspection and DEP Registration that is required.Client will have full access to our website client access to view and track all violations, inspections and permits 24/7.
Our clients can print out their C of O, Work Orders, Work permits and a copy of any violation if needit.

When you get a complaint or violation about your property, you can opt-in to speak with one of our consultants by simply replying to the email. Now you’re not only aware, but guaranteed an effective strategy that will quickly and expeditiously address the issue so you’re in compliance with NYC codes.

This is how it works:

  1. A complaint or violation about your property is registered at a NYC agency, including (Housing Preservation and Development) HPD, (Environmental Control Board) ECB, or (Department of Buildings) DOB.
  2. We send an email or text messages alert to notify you of the new issue.
  3. Once you have received the alert, you can resolve the violation or reply to the alert to have one of our professionals manage the resolution for you before the NYC inspector arrives at your site.

Code Compliance Alert


Annual Cat I and 5-year Cat V inspections, city inspections, and elevator related violations and hearings.


DOB annual inspections,
DEP triennial registrations, city inspections, and boiler related violations and hearings.


Alerts of past due filings, reminders and due dates for current cycles and information related to Local Law 11.

Construction Permits

Permits pending and issued with statuses and expiration dates. Notification of permit changes. Building Job filing details and status.

Multi-Family Registration

Up today with Annual registration information from HPD including company and individual owners, officers and managers. Notification for expiring registration.

Marquee Registration

Current Marquee Registration information from the Department of Buildings along with renewal dates and fees.


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